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Each year, violence results in approximately 1.6 million deaths globally, especially among children and young adults. Only a relatively small number of these deaths are related to war or similar forms of collective violence. Beyond the tragic number of deaths is the inestimable number of injuries and ongoing suffering. HHD’s violence prevention work includes physical, psychological, sexual, and verbal abuse.

Violence tends to replicate through generations of families and societies. Schools and communities where violence is commonplace create norms for everyday behavior and a culture of fear. Violence can also hinder economic development: Societies must pay the costs of health care, law enforcement, and social services, while economic investment is jeopardized when communities are unsafe for businesses.

Dating back to the early 1980s, HHD has spearheaded a multidisciplinary, public health approach to violence prevention. We involve social science and education, health and mental health, and justice and law enforcement to address violence in all its forms. Through public health strategies, we aim to provide the maximum benefit for the largest number of people.